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We assist, develop, co-organize and fulfil.

Specific : we are your solutions provider and sparring partner for any new idea or existing format where you need to tackle with some issues or any missing piece of the puzzle

Our MO (modus operandi)

  • Strategic counseling, brainstorming, re-structuring and turnarounds of new and existing show formats, organizations and busines models
  • Co-creation and partnerships for new and existing trade show projects
  • Supercharging exhibitor and visitor acquisition and media campaigns
  • Analysis, customer satisfaction, on-site enquiry and ROI/KPI evaluation
  • Digital and Phygital platform tools – Business Intelligence
  • Specialized or market specific content delivery, theme’s and brand valorization
  • On-site events, expert classes, use-cases, speakers and audience delivery
  • Group, collective and theme-related exhibitor acquisition
  • Organization and delivery of new exhibitor and visitor profiles for next growth strategy
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