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About us

Expo Advice NV is for more than 30 years in the drivers seat for new Benelux trade shows, summits and side-events in the niches of technology, industry, manufacturing & engineering, additive manufacturing, industrial automation, industry 4.0, retail and real-estate

Karl D’haveloose, is a business engineer, founder of Expo Advice & Invent Media. He founded several trade shows such as Machineering,, Abissummit, Machineering Network Event, Indumation Network Event, Crazy Days, Horeca Flandria, Eurotraffix, Bouw-& Immobeurs, Snackingo,  etc…

He was the kick-starter of B2B media with Service Station, Carwash & Convenience Magazine, Pet & Garden Pro Magazine, Floor Forum Magazine, O2H, Snack-,Sandwich & Takeway Magazine, Bildinx, De Vlaamse Woonspeurder etc…

He sold his company Invent Media in 2018 and is a business partner and consultant for trade show organizers and assists companies who want to excel in the exhibition industry.

Together with stakeholders and movers in each industry we launched more than 10 events and b2b publications that still stand after 30 years.

After selling this portfolio it’s time to hit the road an enter a new servicing era : Expo Advice : we deliver our expertise and Advice for the Expo industry both for ambitious exhibitors as for innovative trade show organizers.

We bridge the gap between the customers demands ( exhibitors) and the fair organizers. We both have the same goals at the end : bringing a transparent and market representative platform where offer and demand meets physical, digital and phygital.

What we deliver in a nutshell for Organizers

We assist, develop, co-organize and fulfil (Benelux)

  • Organization/co-organization/counseling/brainstorming and business development for new and existing exhibitions, trade-shows, congresses, networkevents
  • Investing/co-investing and turnarounds of new and existing event formats
  • Support and fullfilment in production/planning and sales
  • Business Development
  • Remodeling, optimizing, rethinking flows in sales, people, marketing, content, side-events, planning, press conferences, registrations, intelligent digital platforms and solutions
  • We represent foreign trade shows in the Benelux, help them launch, promote and commercialize

Specific: we are your solutions provider and sparring partner for any new idea or existing format where you need to tackle with some issues or any missing piece of the puzzle

What we deliver in a nutshell for Exhibitors

We supercharge your trade show performance

  • Advice and assistance in training and selecting an effective booth team
  • Advice and assistance in the search and filter process for the large stack of events and exhibitions relevant in your industry and markets according to budget and goals
  • Advice and assistance in your media/marketing to spread your selective message to the right prospects and optimizing the stopping power of your booth/stand
  • Advice and assistance in technology and apps/api’s to register – qualify – control and asses your leads before, during and after the event
  • We coordinate and promote group zones and collectivities in the Benelux

Specific: we are your wingman and consultant when divisions such as marketing and sales are in need for extra ideas, support, training, education or exhibition floor skills

Our MO ( modus operandi)

To start with : we are not in the money to take commissions on our proposed partners and subcontractors.

We want to stay neutral and independent to select the best of breed We assist and deliver in person or select the right partners/stakeholders and coordinate/co-create with our customers/partners and their departments to reach the targets we agreed.

We can be hired in pure consultancy, on hourly (short) or fixed basis (long) or we can even agree on a participation as a stakeholder/founder/partner. Our commitments are correlated : satisfied visitors and exhibitors.

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